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Staff Directory


Photo of Darcy Reynolds

Darcy Reynolds


Photo of Monica Sorensen

Monica Sorensen

Assistant Principal / Learning Support Teacher

Administrative Assistants

Photo of Jennifer Claridge

Jennifer Claridge


Photo of Liz Arndt

Liz Arndt

Secretary / Librarian


Photo of Kevin Leis

Kevin Leis

Kindergarten KL

Photo of Christine Reynolds

Christine Reynolds

Kindergarten KR

Photo of Bobbi Semotiuk

Bobbi Semotiuk

Kindergarten KS

Photo of Brittany Adelman

Brittany Adelman

Grade 1A

Photo of Jessie Johnston

Jessie Johnston

Grade 1J

Photo of Terri Miluch

Terri Miluch

Grade 1M

Photo of Rachelle Bilawey

Rachelle Bilawey

Grade 2B

Photo of Neacaile Cave

Neacaile Cave

Grade 2C

Photo of Erin Warren

Erin Warren

Grade 2W

Photo of Mariea Dennison

Mariea Dennison

Grade 3D

Photo of Paige Ekdahl

Paige Ekdahl

Grade 3P

Photo of Stephanie Hyatt

Stephanie Hyatt

Grade 3H

Photo of Joseph Hyatt

Joseph Hyatt

Grade 4H

Photo of Kristy Schwartz

Kristy Schwartz

Grade 4S

Photo of Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams

Grade 4W

Photo of Amanda Ford

Amanda Ford

Grade 5F

Photo of Marina Hagler

Marina Hagler

Grade 5H

Photo of Becky Kehler

Becky Kehler

Grade 5K

Photo of Nicole Clayton

Nicole Clayton


Photo of Holly Marcotte

Holly Marcotte


Educational Assistants

Photo of Marlene Dahl

Marlene Dahl

Photo of Cherise Fron

Cherise Fron

Photo of Sherry Hansen

Sherry Hansen

Photo of Cheri Ladouceur

Cheri Ladouceur

Photo of Beverly MacInnis

Beverly MacInnis

Photo of Denise Martin

Denise Martin

Photo of Kim Martin

Kim Martin

Photo of Leilani Richards

Leilani Richards

Photo of Janet Slemko

Janet Slemko

Photo of Ashley Watson

Ashley Watson

Photo of Sheila Weenk

Sheila Weenk

Photo of Kristy Williamson

Kristy Williamson

Family School Liaison Counsellor

Photo of Jessica Craig

Jessica Craig


Speech-Language Pathologist

Photo of Ande Hinchey

Ande Hinchey