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Physical Educational Program

The physical education program emphasizes the development of fundamental locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills through educational games, dance and sports. Physical education is essential for the development of motor skills, the enhancement of reflexes and improving hand-eye coordination. The benefits of daily physical education include both increased student physical health and better academic performance.

At Mary Bergeron Elementary, we have a dedicated Physical Education teacher who leads daily physical education for every class in the school. Along with sports and educational games, the physical education program also includes skating and swimming at Repsol Place, as well as, cross country skiing during the winter months.

Mary Bergeron Elementary is very fortunate to host a variety of independent physical education programs throughout the school year. In the past, these programs have included Curling Canada with their Rocks and Rings program, where the curling rink comes to the school gym for students to learn the basics of the sport of curling. The Edson Gladiator Wrestling Club has also demonstrated techniques and drills for students to learn about the sport of wrestling.

Mary Bergeron Elementary also hosts daily Intramurals for Grade 3, 4 and 5 students, during lunch recess. Intramural programs provide students an opportunity to participate in a variety of sport activities.