Let's Get Ready to Learn!

Starting your learning journey in Kindergarten is an exciting time for children and their families! We welcome everyone to begin their learning journey with us at Mary Bergeron Elementary School. To ensure your child gets the best start in September, we have put together some information to help make your planning as smooth as possible. If you want to learn more, we invite you to call us at 780-723-5300. We would also be happy to arrange a personal tour of our Kindergarten classrooms with you and your child as we want you both to be as comfortable as possible.

We are thrilled to offer a full five-day Kindergarten program at our school, of course, we also offer the flexibility of shorter weeks if this is more suitable to meet the needs of your child. Depending on how comfortable your child’s transition to school is, you can always make the decision to increase the days later in the year. At Mary Bergeron, we take pride in providing the best individualized learning program to ensure educational success for every child.

We have recently eliminated all classroom and transportation fees for our Kindergarten program. Classroom school supplies will be provided by the school although we do ask that children bring a pair of indoor shoes to help keep our school tidy. At registration, your child will be given a moose backpack to bring their shoes and lunch to school – they will then be one of the ‘Mary Bergeron Wild’. You will also be given some supplies and resources inside the backpack to help your little one prepare for school in September. Welcome to Kindergarten – let’s get ready to learn together!

Important Resources for ‘Getting Ready to Learn’

If you have a child starting Kindergarten, we invite you to check out these helpful resources:

·        Kindergarten FAQs

·        Parent Guide


·        Brochure

·        Learning Services – Early Childhood Services Information     

When Can My Child Start Kindergarten?

To register for Kindergarten in the 2019-2020 school year, your child must be five years old on or before December 31, 2019

To assist in our planning for next year, we encourage families to register their new Kindergarteners, and make transportation arrangements if needed, as soon as possible. 

Programming Options

Our Kindergarten classrooms provide literacy-rich, play-based programming which are led by welcoming and dedicated early childhood teachers and enthusiastic educational assistants.

In addition, all of our early learners have access to our division’s School Linked Team to help your child succeed. This team’s dedicated members include: a speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, behavior consultant, literacy/early learning lead teacher, technology lead teacher, Family School Liaison counselor and a Success Coach. 

Student Transportation

We invite you to contact our transportation department directly to learn more or get started early to reserve your child’s seat on the bus by registering online. You can also phone the transportation department at 780-723-4471 for more information about bussing.

Family Involvement

Family engagement is one of our priorities at Mary Bergeron Elementary as your involvement is a key component in the success of your child's learning. We encourage you to get involved in our school community such as joining the school council, volunteering at our school, or by talking with your child’s teacher.