MBE Distance Learning

Welcome to MBE Distance Learning

We are dedicated to providing educational resources and support following the guidelines set out by Alberta Education:

  • Education content will focus on language/literacy and mathematics/numeracy outcomes of the provincial curriculum.
  • Teachers will assign an average of five hours of work per student per week                            

We have tried our best to put together a delivery system that parents and students will find flexible and user-friendly. Our first priority is to look after the needs of all our students as best we can under these new circumstances. Staff will be available weekdays from 8:30 am - 3:15 pm for any questions or concerns.

Make sure to watch Mr. Reynolds’ morning announcements each day, for an authentic start to a MBE day! We would like to encourage parents to submit pictures of what learning from home looks like for them. We will be sharing those pictures on our Facebook page to hopefully support and encourage other families. This is new, uncharted territory for all of us but we will conquer it together! Pictures can be sent to classroom teachers or emailed to jennclar@gypsd.ca.

April Morning Announcements

Monday, April 6                                                               Monday, April 13

Tuesday, April 7                                                              Tuesday, April 14

Wednesday, April 8                                                 Wednesday, April 15

Thursday, April 9                                                         Thursday, April 16

                                                                                                                      Friday, April 17



Monday, April 20                                                             Monday, April 27

Tuesday, April 21                                                            Tuesday, April 28

Wednesday, April 22                                                Wednesday, April 29

Thursday, April 23                                                       Thursday, April 30

Friday, April 24


May Morning Announcements

Friday, May 1                                                                              Monday, May 11

Monday, May 4                                                                           Tuesday, May 12

Tuesday. May 5                                                                     Wednesday, May 13

Wednesday, May 6                                                                   Thursday, May 14

Thursday, May 7

Friday, May 8


Tuesday, May 19                                                                          Monday, May 25

Wednesday, May 20                                                                   Tuesday, May 26

Thursday, May 21                                                                 Wednesday, May 27

Friday, May 22                                                                           Thursday, May 28

                                                                                                          Friday, May 29

Kindergarten                                                                                      P.E. (Gym)

Grade 1                                                                                                        Music 

Grade 2                                                                                                   Ms. Boos

Grade 3                             

Grade 4

Grade 5                                                          Mental Health & Well Being