School Council

A School Council is a means for parents and community members to work together with the principal and the school to support and enhance student learning.

Our School Council executive is:

Chair: Crystal Metzger
Vice Chair: Kim Leach
Secretary: Ashley Watson
Treasurer: Jennifer Gomez

Snack committee is headed by Shelby Smith, along with Carla Smith and Heather Greiner.

Club Moo is headed by Candace Rupert and Becky Kehler.

Hot lunch is headed by Amanda Apoll.  

Visit using access code MBHL to register for online hot lunch ordering. We strongly encourage you to order your childs hot lunches through the site as we are trying to go as paperless as possible. If you need assistance of any kind with getting set up, adding your kids to your account or receive any errors you can contact Ashley Konowalyk-Plenert  on facebook or email


Anyone (parent, guardian, grandparent, etc) that attends council meetings will be considered a part of the School Council and will have a vote in decisions.

School Council meetings are held at Mary Bergeron Elementary on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

See our School Council Documents Here!